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@Paulie_D, I removed the border from ‘nav li a’ and it removed it from all of them.. I’m not sure how to accomplish what you meant by removing it from the last item..

On another note. To be honest, any time I have added a submenu I kept adjusting the menu bar to the left a few pixels to even it back out :x. I am not sure how I could incorporate a vertical menu bar into this current layout. I could have time to do it.

, I get what you are saying. I think I can edit that in just CSS and it should be an easy adjustment. :) I will do that soon.

OH! and I tried to remove the ‘p’ elements on the footer. It turns out I must have them there to make the menu horizontal? when i tried to remove them it made the menu go vertical.. which is not good. So I do not know how to remove them wiihouut having a good format..