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I agree the website does need a refresh lets say, new year new design and all that I say.

Here is my critique and possible improvements:

– Firstly I am put off instantly by the amount of advertising on the website, sure we all need to get paid but at the expense of losing people coming on the website? I would certainly lose some of that, or if you are determined to keep it, keep it in one place and not spread all about the website.
– i feel the website needs to be structured more, having things aligned would help this alot.
– The website has to many things up in my face straight away, the header area has well to much content and seems really squished together, only include the necessary.

What I would do now, is look around some CSS galleries such as for example and get some ideas, then with a piece of paper sketch out a few alternative designs, and just go crazy in photoshop or the software your most comfortable with, and only once your fully happy with the design then code it.

Once you are at that stage, be sure to ask for help in the CSS forum, we would be happy to help.

Hope this helps a bit