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Rob MacKay
"visudex" wrote:
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"Robskiwarrior" wrote:
Plus if you are just using it like span and not an anchor, you should just use a span :D

Sure, but there is nothing wrong with <a> tags without href, only if you use it in the right way though :) A span is a span, and anchor is an anchor etc..

I agree, <a> tags don’t need an href, imagine yourself using the <a> to launch some kind of javascript, and you don’t want to style something that is the same as <a> tag.

Yes but if you are using it to launch the functionality is still a click – which means it is still an anchor tag. If you are choosing what to wrap some text in and choose an A over a SPAN then that is incorrect. You need to stick to the usage of the tag at least a little :)