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If anyone is willing to read through the entire thing, here is my “header.php” file:


<br /> <?php<br /> if (function_exists('is_tag') && is_tag()) {<br /> single_tag_title("Tag Archive for ""); echo '" - '; }<br /> elseif (is_archive()) {<br /> wp_title(''); echo ' Archive - '; }<br /> elseif (is_search()) {<br /> echo 'Search for "'.wp_specialchars($s).'" - '; }<br /> elseif (!(is_404()) && (is_single()) || (is_page())) {<br /> wp_title(''); echo ' - '; }<br /> elseif (is_404()) {<br /> echo 'Not Found - '; }<br /> if (is_home()) {<br /> bloginfo('name'); echo ' - '; bloginfo('description'); }<br /> else {<br /> bloginfo('name'); }<br /> if ($paged>1) {<br /> echo ' - page '. $paged; }<br /> ?><br />

$page = $_SERVER;
$page = str_replace("/","",$page);
$page = str_replace(".php","",$page);
$page = str_replace("?s=","",$page);
$page = $page ? $page : 'default'

I’ll search through it again, but I have not seen anything weird yet…

Edit: And I have looked over it three times now and I do not see anything amiss, but that does not mean that there is nothing wrong with it. I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you to anyone who can solve this problem.

Edit: I have called upon the almighty Chris Coyier to see if he can figure out what is going on. Of course, I never know how long it will take to receive a response.

Edit: Okay, I removed the term “#defualt” from “#default #page-wrap” and “#default #header-inside” and it seems to have centered everything within the 960 pixel page-wrap and the “header-bg.png” is repeating nicely across the top, but the gradient is still getting cut off by the content, whereas it should be flowing behind it. I guess the gradient and shadow-boxes are all that need to be fixed now. Keep it coming!