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Very nice job on the responsiveness. Things scale and rearrange smoothly.

Random Observations:

I’m not crazy about the brown background color. Consider using a neutral or almost-neutral color instead. That’ll coexist better, and make the purer colors in other element headings pop more.

Definitely lose the full-justification. At some viewport widths it causes ugly spacing between words.

Your name and the social media icons merge into the thick yellow line. I don’t care for that look, and in the case of the icons, it isn’t very obvious that you’d like folks to click on them.

The photos (of you, I assume at top left) and in the instagram section all look blurry to me.

In general, I think it needs some finishing touches. Lots of flat colors that might benefit from some texture or gradients (subtly, of course). Maybe some subtle text-shadows and box shadows. Perhaps some subtle rounded corners here and there. And the contact form could use some polishing to make it visually more appealing.

Sorry this sounds so negative – I didn’t mean it to. You got the responsiveness – what many would find the hardest part – working well. Just need some finishing touches for a more sophisticated visual impact.