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Ok, several things.

About www . organicsteam-clean . com (I deliberately broke the link so he doesn’t get any more incoming links from respectable sites, in this case), they’ve been around only 3 months, yes, they purchased the domain in November 9 of 2009. However, they could be less then 3 months on the web since some people purchase the domain and a few weeks later the site is launched.

Here’s their whois info (And yes, posting his info here is legal since everyone who owns a domain has their information available to the public):

Rotovac Corporation

17905 Bothell Everett Hwy
Mill Creek, Washington 98012
United States

Registered through:, Inc.
Created on: 25-Nov-09
Expires on: 25-Nov-11
Last Updated on: 07-Jan-10


And finally, about www . organicsteam-clean . com, I need to laugh: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!

lol, the reason I did that was because it’s incredible how they stuffed that page with keywords, zip codes and cities, hehe.

I assume is a matter of time before something goes wrong with that site. I sure hope so :twisted:

As for the website for "ACSR conductors", the website I suppose you’re referring to is any of these two: www .acsrconductor. com or www .patelwire. com.

If it is one of those sites, I do see an intention of hiding words, just CTRL+A and you’ll the words "ACSR ACSR" only a few times, nothing compared to the sh!t-load of stuffed keywords from the organic site, hehe.

Looking at their whois info, yes, they’ve been around for a long time, 9 and a half years:

Patel Wire Industries

Plot 3, Ground Floor
Keluskar Road, Shivaji Park
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Registered through:, Inc.
Created on: 09-Jun-03
Expires on: 09-Jun-10
Last Updated on: 09-Jun-09


Now, if that’s not the site, I just wasted my time, lol :P .

Anyway, although a VERY ugly website, I don’t think they’re doing any keyword stuffing. The "organic-stuffing" site beats anyone, relol :lol:

What a waste of time and energy from those people building those sites, dang.