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First things first.

WTF is an organic steam cleaner? o_O lol

Secondary things, second.

…if you look for "organic" steam cleaners in his city.

Well, you have to tell us the city ^_^

I looked for "organic steam cleaners" and there are only 104.000 (three zeroes) results competing for that keyword… ¬¬, seriously. Try competing for "stock photos"… 241 million results, that’s SIX ZEROES!

For you to see the small hidden text in his site all you have to do is CTRL+A the page, everything will be selected with blue background and white text (only background images won’t be selected).

Anyway, tell your client: "Mr. Client, let’s assume you never asked me that question, trust me, you’re not in the organic steam cleaners business", lol.