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I didn’t want to turn the forum post into an advertisement, I figured that’d be bad etiquette.

The domain name is I was intending to forward it to, but I figured that might be in poor taste. Plus, I don’t want a letter from a lawyer. Warranted or not. I put it up on sedo for the suggested appraisal cost. I was going to poke around a couple of adult webmaster forums and see if anyone wants to take it off my hands.

As for dashes, I think you’re right. But to a limited degree.

Tech savvy folks like us don’t have a problem with dashes. But I used to work in a real estate brokerage as their entrenched IT support / web dev monkey. They had a dash in their URL, and holy crap did a lot of stupid people not get it.

I’d overhear phone conversations every day between agents and their clients.

"Our website is"

"No. Dash. No, not D-A-S-H. A hyphen. It’s next to the plus sign. No, not that plus sign. The plus sign next to your backspace key."

"No! That’s That’s our competitor. No, they’re not the same. That ISN’T our website. Yes, I’m sure."

We’ll see where it goes. Worst case scenario I’m out the cost of a value meal at Taco Bell.