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Agree with kgscott284 — I found the site quite nice. I like the largish type, clear layout, and bright colors that change on each page.

There are a couple of little things I would fix/consider changing (in no particular order):

— The date on the footer extends beyond the dotted border above. I would move it to the left so that it does not.

— I don’t mind that the menu items abut one another, but don’t like the idea that the current page and hovered menu item are the same color; perhaps you could give the hover a 0.5% opacity of the same color and the current page or a different color altogether.

— The text inputs on the contact page look a bit thin — could you make them a bit thicker. I would also consider giving the fields a light shade of the same color instead of the default white. And I would style the “submit” button.

And that’s that.