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    Hi Fox,
    Thanks for read this post.
    Please enter my website and write your reviews on comments.
    It is in spanish but it is not difficult to figure out the translation.

    Thanks, any comment will be appreciate.
    Rai Singh Khalsa.


    I enjoyed it overall quite a bit. I would suggest adding a little margin on the menu items because hovering an item immediately to the left or right of an item currently active causes a weird look…otherwise I really like how clean an minimal it is.

    Great work.


    Agree with kgscott284 — I found the site quite nice. I like the largish type, clear layout, and bright colors that change on each page.

    There are a couple of little things I would fix/consider changing (in no particular order):

    — The date on the footer extends beyond the dotted border above. I would move it to the left so that it does not.

    — I don’t mind that the menu items abut one another, but don’t like the idea that the current page and hovered menu item are the same color; perhaps you could give the hover a 0.5% opacity of the same color and the current page or a different color altogether.

    — The text inputs on the contact page look a bit thin — could you make them a bit thicker. I would also consider giving the fields a light shade of the same color instead of the default white. And I would style the “submit” button.

    And that’s that.


    Many Many thanks
    kgscott284 and GMB!, I will consider your comment on the new work out on the site!,

    Again thanks.



    I like it man, very contemporary and i love how each page has a different color yet matches the tone of your other colors. Honestly the only thing i would change would be the navigation at the top right (and not by much). Add a slight amount of padding so when you are hovering the hover color doesn’t merge with the active color. Or simply use a slightly lighter hover color. Overall, well done sir.


    nice concept and color, but the fixed width makes horizontal scrollbar appeared on my screen when i’m change my resolution width into 1024px

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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