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The design was eye-pleasing, since the colour contrasts wasn’t too sharp (nor too soft). However:

  • The menu list should be changed: (Probable) clients wants to see your portfolio and what services you offer, then read about the company/business. Personally I’d like to see Portfolio right next to "Home" on the menu.[/*:m]
  • Get-A-Quote and Contact us forms should’ve been somewhat more fitting in the design[/*:m]
  • The services-listing: Why not have four columns, so the user doesn’t have to click to see?[/*:m]
  • Portfolio: How’bout a description or a title or something for each project? Also it’s great to provide a link to the website in question[/*:m][/list:u]

    Quick-note about the contact form: Since you haven’t wrapped your input-elements inside a label, you’ll need to add the for-attribute to each label.

    For instance: