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I mean, this is chris’ website Does that really look like someone who could code a big site like this one? He made this website you know.

And why do you think everyone says to do work for free for the first couple of sites? I know I need some sort of portfolio. I’ve already picked out some people that I respect enough to do that.

My point is, you can’t showcase ALL your abilities in one website without it turning out to be a total cluster #$%&. I tried to use as much jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 as I could, but I really can’t cram everything in, its just a portfolio. I agree it needs to be good, but does good have to mean big?

And your comparing it to some good websites, I will admit it. But what your not doing is comparing it to other websites that have a similar design philosophy.

One of the unique things I was going for in my website, was it being almost 100% CSS3, rather than a ton of gradients, textures and illustrations. And that right there should be enough to prove I’m not completely incompetent.

Offering some constructive criticisms would be nice, rather than just telling me to restart the first grade. I am confident in my code, I don’t need to relearn HTML.