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    Just finished work on my new website:

    I wouldn’t call it done, I still have to figure out what to do with the portfolio page, and I think I’m gonna fix the rollover buttons to where they don’t have to load when you hover over them, leaving you with a black spot.

    but overall, what do you think? I have been staring at it for 5 days, so I can’t really tell if it looks good or not… any suggestions would be much appreciated!



    I’m REALLY new to web design (like less than a month now), so you may want to take my opinions with a grain of salt.

    The only thing I really don’t like is the green around the body text. I dunno if its just because its really bright or what, but as soon as I scroll down to the text, Im having to squint to read (kind of like leaving a movie theater in the afternoon).

    It’s a fun design though, definite potential here.


    Also, maybe use the blue border on the top of the body for some kind of tagline or something? Rather than just the big thick blank blue line. Just a thought.


    Hey, I honestly love it.

    I really like the idea behind it.
    I’d work on the fonts and colours for your text area, Thats all I have to say, other than that! it’s very unique and I like it.


    I really don’t want to seem negative but I feel that there’s a lot of improvements to be made in the overall design, and while I like creative designs I think this is a bit overdone, with a way too distracting background. I think that if you just enter a website like that not knowing what it is you’ll have to look way too long to find out that you’re a web developer, cause there’s nothing that indicates that. Probably I’d guess it was about motorbikes if I just visited having no idea what it was. The navigation is not really in my taste either, I like simple and clear navigation, the splashy and glowy effects makes me think it’s a newb designer who’ve made the site, not one who’s charging 75$ an hour. I think you should either really improve your existing design or start over again, take inspiration from this site with it’s nice amount of whitespace, properly aligned objects, clean navigation and look aswell as the thought that went into margins, paddings and typograhpy. I know this reply might come across as somewhat harsh, but that is in no way my intention. I hope I provided any useful feedback, good luck with the website!


    Nice doctype…


    hehe… yeah, I’ll fix that doctype up in a second…

    thanks for all your feedback. I will change the text on the first page and try and find a more readable font.

    while I agree n00bs use shine/glow/gradients to much, I feel if its done right, its just a matter of opinion.


    I disagree with Arvid. But because your website is so unique, there is no doubt that some people will be turned off by your website for the same reason that others will love it.

    I do agree with him that there is nothing that clearly indicates that you are a web designer without someone having to dig into the text to read, which can be hard on the eyes currently, so you’ll want to figure out how to make the purpose of your website more clear.

    And Dogs is right, you didn’t indicate doctype, etc.


    their, changed the font, put in a doctype, and put better text on the homepage. not sure if it has enough though, seems kinda slim to me.


    Consider using a different font. Why Comic Sans is bad

    you have closing tags but no starting tag and the closing tag is in the wrong spot.


    where are these bad tags? I can’t find them.

    I’ll consider another font. it does feel like comic sans is an appropriate font for this website though


    I want to be careful about how I phrase this, because I want to be constructive. First, I like the fact that you are striving to be unique; there’s a lot to be said for trying to break the mold and stand out a bit.

    Having said that, there is absolutely nothing about your website that would convince me, or a prospective client, to pay you $75/hour for your services. There are several punctuation errors, the portfolio section is blank, the tone is far, far too casual, and there’s a general lack of content. I know more about your hobbies than I do about your qualifications. I’ll also second @nickwalters87 in regards to Comic Sans.

    Again, I’m not trying to attack here, and I apologize if my tone seems harsh. However, if you’re asking $75 per hour, your site needs to convince prospective clients that you are an all-around web ninja. This site just doesn’t get the job done in that regard.


    You know CSS3/HTML5/Javascript and can code websites for wordpress?
    Based on your site I honestly can’t believe any of that.


    @ccc630 I’m really bad at writing descriptions for myself, I’ll work on that and fix the punctuation errors. what would you suggest saying? I don’t want to come off as a snooty.

    as far as the website itself, with the errors in coding fixed, do you think that the overall design isn’t good? or do you think that with a better font, and a portfolio section. it would work? are do you think that the design of the actual website is to casual?

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