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I really don’t want to seem negative but I feel that there’s a lot of improvements to be made in the overall design, and while I like creative designs I think this is a bit overdone, with a way too distracting background. I think that if you just enter a website like that not knowing what it is you’ll have to look way too long to find out that you’re a web developer, cause there’s nothing that indicates that. Probably I’d guess it was about motorbikes if I just visited having no idea what it was. The navigation is not really in my taste either, I like simple and clear navigation, the splashy and glowy effects makes me think it’s a newb designer who’ve made the site, not one who’s charging 75$ an hour. I think you should either really improve your existing design or start over again, take inspiration from this site with it’s nice amount of whitespace, properly aligned objects, clean navigation and look aswell as the thought that went into margins, paddings and typograhpy. I know this reply might come across as somewhat harsh, but that is in no way my intention. I hope I provided any useful feedback, good luck with the website!