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First of all, congrats and thanks for validating your code before asking for feedback/suggestions. It sure gets old to see posts pleading for help when this basic step hasn’t been done.

Second, I really like the appearance. Good cohesive use of textures and well-chosen colors make the pages very attractive. The rust colored block of buzzwords at right center of your home page is particularly nice.

If I were looking for someone to design a website and stumbled across your portfolio site, I’d most likely be impressed enough to contact you. And I guess that’s one of the main goals of a portfolio site.

I did notice that the site took quite a while to load. Admittedly, I had some scans running in the background that were using a chunk of my processing, but it still might be worth checking into.

The CONTACT link in the middle of your home page didn’t take me anywhere other than a message that the site was unavailable. Might be related to my ongoing background scans, or maybe you haven’t yet finished this. But I figured I should mention it, just in case.