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OK, I’m having a hard time garnering up any information on this anywhere, – – but it appears from what little I’ve learned so far, it does seem to be an IE (margin) bug.

I’ve been able to solve all the problems (alignment, marquee crawl, and site jumpiness) with this one (cross-browser reset??) command in my stylesheet . . .

* { margin: 0; padding: 0 }

Now, though, – – although solving all that, – – I’ve created a new problem, – – I can’t get the website to center by pagewrapping and auto-zeroing (which I am able to do without the margin reset command, but then I’m back to misalignment, crawling, and jumpiness).

Anyone know how I would over-ride to center my page?? I can get my center container box to center by using ‘text-align: center’, – – but everything else stays at it’s original left base (pics, borders, nav-bars, etc).

Thanks in advance if anyone can help . . .

P.S Also, does anyone know how many pixels over the ‘relative’ position is from the left of the screen in IE, – – if I knew that, I might be able to tackle the problem by locating my ‘left-most’ element at that exact point, – – and then maybe I wouldn’t even have to use the browser reset command.