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First of all, your * reset:

* {
margin: 0auto;
padding: 0 auto;

When doing this you should always have just 0, and specify the “auto” in separate bits. What it’s doing is centring it that way. Then, it should be “margin: 0 auto;” (space between the 0 and the auto). That is all over the style sheet and needs to be fixed.

Just a note, but you’ll want you “header_bg.jpg” to “repeat-x”, otherwise somebody with a screen wider than 1680px will see the edge.

z-index takes effect on everything but the default (static). The best thing to do would have it be:

#main_img img {
position: relative;
z-index: 1;

That would mean that the box that needs to overlap it should be relative and have a higher “z-index”.

Your lower-background image should NOT be an image, but simply a “background: black;” It will go to the bottom then. If you still want to use an image (less code-changing) you have to set it to “background-repeat: repeat;” otherwise it will just be there and edges can be seen.