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    Hi guys,
    I am stuck on a couple of layout issues for my wife’s landing page and am looking for any suggestions.

    www. hairdesignbykim .com

    1) The darker textured background should also include the footer information. I have tried including it in the lower parent container and am still un successful.

    2) The main content image (woman) – I tried adding this as a div and add it as the background, but it did not appear. My goal is to have the main content box (which list her services) up into this image, with the top of the content box right above the woman’s eyes

    Any assistance that you may have is greatly appreciated.

    * please do not mind the spelling error (clients) and the alignment of the pricing and heading. This will be fixed when I can fix the layout issue :)

    Thank you in advance


    First of all, your * reset:

    * {
    margin: 0auto;
    padding: 0 auto;

    When doing this you should always have just 0, and specify the “auto” in separate bits. What it’s doing is centring it that way. Then, it should be “margin: 0 auto;” (space between the 0 and the auto). That is all over the style sheet and needs to be fixed.

    Just a note, but you’ll want you “header_bg.jpg” to “repeat-x”, otherwise somebody with a screen wider than 1680px will see the edge.

    z-index takes effect on everything but the default (static). The best thing to do would have it be:

    #main_img img {
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;

    That would mean that the box that needs to overlap it should be relative and have a higher “z-index”.

    Your lower-background image should NOT be an image, but simply a “background: black;” It will go to the bottom then. If you still want to use an image (less code-changing) you have to set it to “background-repeat: repeat;” otherwise it will just be there and edges can be seen.


    Thank you for the information. I will give a go at it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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