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@31M1K97: Would I put that code in my “/js/” folder? Also, how do I activate it and where? In my “functions.php” folder?

: Thank you once again. Now, how do I make the drop-down divider appear between “Graphic Novels & Written Novellas” and “Feel Good Candy” on drop-down? Because that only makes it appear between “Feel Good Candy” and “Gloom.” I tried a few methods, like giving “Graphic Novels & Written Novellas” an ID of “literature” and I tried to use the same code that you gave me for “Feel Good Candy,” but it did not work. Also, what is controlling the spacing between “Graphic Novels & Written Novellas,” “Feel Good Candy,” and “Gloom?” I would like to make it so that the spacing is the same between all three titles, with the drop-down divider an equal amount from each title. Thank you, once again! I think I will do a tribute blog post on my new website thanking everyone for their wonderful help!

Edit: Here is a mock-up of what I mean about the drop-down menu: here. I hope that makes a little more sense.