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You could have someone teaching you things, but that wouldn’t necessarily prepare you for being able to think in such a way as to use them, for example the whole list of css selectors is available in numerous places, but even after reading about them that doesn’t bring you any closer to knowing how to use them while building your websites.

The only way to get this knowledge is to actually create websites which use certain selectors and thus learn how the selector works, its pros and cons etc. And on the side, read up on the forums every day, read other peoples posts and try and find the solutions to their problems, read the solutions other people post and make sure you understand whats going on. And of course ask questions. There are people on here who are more than willing to answer them as long as they show that you have been working on the problem yourself and don’t expect answers handed over on a silver platter. That seems to work for me so far, and I’m sure it would work out well for you too!

I tried finding unique websites and websites that people raved about and learning how they code their css, but that only taught me how to recreate those same effects. It did not however provide me with the ability to create different effects myself. Just as anything else, practice, practice, practice :D