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We @ are working on a client area. We’ll do one of these things:

We give the client a unique ID and Password. Somesthing like. ID: cocacola Password: 19ak93ka and provide them with a log in on the site. When they log in, they will be redirected to their current version of the site. Because during development it’s allmost always hosted on a live server somewhere to show it to the client.

We also give the client an ID and a Password like above. But we reference them to a page on our server that displays multiple things. For example. A link to their current site in development. Hosting information. Acces to their email accounts (if that is a part of their service). An overview of their invoices. Etc.

The 2nd option will give much more information. But it is more work. I can probably make both within 3 hours or so. So I guess Ill go with #2.

This is just a suggestion for you guys. Maybe you have other needs, but this is what I imagine when making a client login.