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Hi guys thanks for the feedback

– SpeedGun: I know but how do I do that load them right away? if I need the roll over effect?, and yeah i’ts hard to find a lighter blue and green that goes well with white letters, any thoughts?

– PeretzM: I know I had to do it myself and it didn’t work do you know any web-patterns source?

– ChristopherBurton: I’m using the nivo-slider, it has a sprite for loading but I just couldn’t figured out how to adjust it with my css because it came with his own css rules and it was a pain to position it the way I wanted it.

virtual: I don’t think there’s necessarily too much going on or it to be confusing basically it’s just a bunch of buttons, you’re right about the information it’s just that the “client” doesn’t give me any and he really doesn’t understand the importance of it, I’m doing wonders with what I have, I think you’re right it’s like there’s no focus on any of the elements again it’s just a bunch of buttons, but the hierarchy and of the links is well defined and understandable for the interested student who doesn’t know what he’s searching but it’s interested in this school, any book on web-design? hope to get better