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Hi Mottie,

Again, thank you for all your help, it’s really appreciated!

With your code we came a little closer, but for some reason, the dropdown items kept moving up. I’ve been trying to solve this for days and finally it’s working. Instead of .nolink i renamed the class to .container .nolink and put all mainmenu-items.

Now we came this far, i was wondering two things.

1. Because of your code, the button with .nolink doesn’t move up anymore as it should, but for a brief moment it still does once when you don’t move your mouse out.

2. When a dropdownitem is clicked can there also be a .nolink on the mainitem. For example let’s say #2 #3 and #4 are dropdown items of #1, when one of those buttons get’s clicked #1 gets the .nolink class, instead of that button.