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Hi WebGirly3!

Sorry I didn’t get back with you…

Anyway, I’m not sure why the navigation arrows aren’t working, or why the tabs aren’t showing up – half awake and hard to see at the moment. But I can tell you that the scroll bar is because of the #outerWrapper width being set to 980px and the slider being set to 931px.

The default css adds the arrows to the outside of the slider, and since the original navigation arrows were 45×140 in size, there is an additional 45 pixels added to each side of the slider, making it a total width of 1021 (931 + (45 * 2)). So either set the #outerWrapper to 1025 (or so) or reduce the slider to 890px (980 – (45 * 2)).

I’ll look closer at the navigation stuff in the morning.