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Its definitely clean and simple. Maybe you could make the navigation text a little bigger. You could add more emphasis to them by adding a tabbed background to each link similar to this site.

The image to the right needs some alignment inside the outer rectangle border. And maybe remove some of the borders inside it too? As it is, its a little too "boxy". Or actually, I’d suggest removing the outer box, leaving just the "Break Free" and "Enjoy Life" headers in boxes.

You should consider using images of the same size, or at least the same width.

The navigation at the bottom of the page need to be aligned with the contact details in the footer, but I don’t think you actually need the bottom navigation, as you already have it at the top and the top is where users tend to expect the navigation to be (either the top of the left side).

So just a few minor changes in the fine details and you’re golden :)