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    Noob poster and coder:

    Please give your opinions on this site.

    The site is aimed at the elderly age bracket so clean and simple is what i’m going for.

    I’m not a graphic designer but rather a enthusiastic dabbler who has some knowledge of coding etc.

    I’m not too happy with the house logo but i can’t think of anything else to do, so i would welcome suggestions on how to improve it (if indeed it is needed)



    Its definitely clean and simple. Maybe you could make the navigation text a little bigger. You could add more emphasis to them by adding a tabbed background to each link similar to this site.

    The image to the right needs some alignment inside the outer rectangle border. And maybe remove some of the borders inside it too? As it is, its a little too "boxy". Or actually, I’d suggest removing the outer box, leaving just the "Break Free" and "Enjoy Life" headers in boxes.

    You should consider using images of the same size, or at least the same width.

    The navigation at the bottom of the page need to be aligned with the contact details in the footer, but I don’t think you actually need the bottom navigation, as you already have it at the top and the top is where users tend to expect the navigation to be (either the top of the left side).

    So just a few minor changes in the fine details and you’re golden :)


    As far as the logo goes I would recommend searching a stock graphic website like You have to pay but the prices are low and the selection is good. You could use something like this or if you want more of a logo look You could search the illustrations and see if you can find something. If I am bored later I will wipe something up for you quick. The website is clean and simple the only things I might change is the icons for the contact info I like to keep this stuff nice and clean/unobtrusive.
    ph.1.780.123.4567 | fax.1.780.123.4567 | [email protected]

    Anyways that is my 2 cents hope it helps!


    Remember: if it’s for the elderly users, you should use the best colour contrasts there is (like black on white or vice versa…). You could check the contrasts using’s Colour Contrast Check

    I agree with bunmun on behalf of the right-sided boxes. It might be better if you’d remove the h2-borders alltogether.


    Thank you for the replies.

    I’ve made changes as suggested, but also gone a bit further on the accessibility front with skip links and anchors.

    I’m not sure how to resize the images to similar widths/ heights without losing resolution, so happy to hear suggestions/ tips as to how to do this.

    Got the footer to place properly, but now although it is at the bottom of the acupuncture / prices page, it is off the visible window. Can this be adjusted by using min-height to compensate for the smaller visible content?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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