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Yes dedicated landing pages can work out great on desktop too. The reasoning between favouring one over the other would be more content driven IMO. So when it’s an e-commerce webshop – with clear and well defined categories which would fit in those menu-items – a mega-menu could be the right solution, making it in a sense the first step of a customers filtering process. When the content of the website is more reading-focused, than it would make more sense in my mind to have those dedicated landing pages with the added benefit of summarising content and/or explanation.

There’s also this: for a long time there has been this myth on “one-click” links for the fastest path to a destination. But people don’t really mind clicking away a few times, as long as it’s a “happy click”, meaning taking them there: after arrival not many people will remember the number of clicks it took them getting there I think. But feel free to disagree ;)