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Can only speak for myself, and as always the answer is “it depends”. (Personally nowadays when I client would propose such a mega menu, I would try to steer them towards dedicated landing pages with those links in it, because of mobile-friendliness, but that is besides the point in question). Another concern might be wanting to have a vanilla javaScript solution (without jQuery that is), searching for solid examples of those which are also keyboard accessible will set you on a dedicated quest on the interwebs. Anyway making this all by yourself can be a good exercise or “reinventing the wheel”, depending on time and/or circumstances and/or perspective.

Lately I stumbled upon this “WordPress Component Library” which has a lot of vanilla javaScript Ui components, so for tabs maybe have a look at that one as well to build upon.

Maybe also take a look at the open source projects of Chris Ferdinandi there is usable stuff in there, like “Tabby” for tabs, which may be even more unassuming.