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From the documentation:

When the one-column layout is selected, both the page title and content display in a wider single column, centered on the page.

Don’t know exactly what this would mean for the layout, but as far as I can see, only on this blog page the blog class is set on the body-element (with this template, how it is now). Because the articles are still floating to the right, what can be done is, on line nr. 3763 of style.css in the following code block:

/* .blog:not(.has-sidebar) #primary article, */
.archive:not(.page-one-column):not(.has-sidebar) #primary article,
.search:not(.has-sidebar) #primary article,
.error404:not(.has-sidebar) #primary .page-content,
.error404.has-sidebar #primary .page-content, #primary .entry-content, #comments {
  float: right;
  width: 58%;

To “out-comment” that first line /* .blog:not(.has-sidebar) #primary article,*/ like that, in that way the articles will no longer float to the right, and will default back to 100% width or “full-width” if you will.