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I suspect the reason why folks are not as forthcoming with help here as other posts, is the same reason already highlighted by Shikkediel in your related post … there is simply too much markup and CSS to expect others to comfortably, quickly and easily process/troubleshoot on your behalf.

At first glance, it looks like your media queries aren’t closed properly. An extra few closing curly braces in the appropriate spots may be all that’s needed to fix your problems. If not, it looks like you’ll have to strip everything right back to basics; For us here that means not complete web pages, but a handful of test elements and a handful of related CSS. Your problem should be condensed to a dozen or so lines to outline to us your understanding of how your media queries are being used.

In stripping back your demo, it is likely that you will identify the problem in order to fix it yourself.

Unfortunately, the amount of content you’ve provided so far is too much and will put people off.