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LIP_lostinprogramming, I have no idea. I used what Dreamweaver gave me and fiddled with it from there.

As far as breaking something, yes, when pulling it all together or changing some of the items, it can break the whole site. So rather than do that, I was asking for help, like if there is a specific order things need to be in and that kind of stuff.

If if I should make a back up copy first, play with it in a subdirectory before putting it into the main. Once you mess with the css sheets, it messes the whole site since it’s attached to every page (except the ones that I haven’t made yet.)

That’s where I am making my inquiries, steps to ensure I do it right since I know that I need to do all these things to make the site better.

I’m a visual learner, so the more information I have to go on the more confident I will be along the way.