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Sorry for the vagueness. I will try to be more specific…:)

This is some of the code I have tried…

ul { list-style-image: url(/Users/tracyowen/Desktop/graphicdesign/fish1.jpeg);
height= 60px; width=60px;}


<ul style = "list-style-image: url(/Users/tracyowen/Desktop/graphicdesign/fish1.jpeg);
height= "60px;" width="60px;">
<li> example</li>


<ul style = "list-style-image: circle inside URL(/Users/tracyowen/Desktop/graphicdesign/fish1.jpeg);
height= "60px;" width="60px;">

I have tried each of these without the URL as well. I have even tried it using <span>but cannot remember what code I exactly used for it since I erased it after it did not work. :(

I’m new to this and to this website, so if cannot help me its ok. I just thought I might give it a try… Thank you for replying and have a great day!!! :)