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My first question would be, if you have no experience with WordPress, why did you decide to use that as the platform for this project?

Now, on to the plugin(s). From what you’re listing, I don’t think a handful of plugins will do exactly what you want/need, let alone one single plugin.
Even if you would find a collection of plugins (each doing a little bit of all the requirements), you might be spending a lot of time “connecting” them to eachother.

My advice would be to use a custom plugin for this. That’s not easy (especially not for someone who uses WordPress for the first time) but it would make most sense to me. You should probably look at other plugins for pieces of code to take/copy/modify into your own plugin.

In essence, break down all the functionality into little pieces. See which parts can be done with a plugin, and which parts you’ll probably have to build yourself.

Good luck! :)