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What I mean is it’s validated, of course it’s flawed, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I think there is an issue with my host’s server. I just uploaded the files AGAIN and it displayed one of the images. I’m just really stressed out on not finding the proper resources.

I’m thinking I had the right codes, but the server did not update as quickly as I wanted; therefore, forcing me to think I was wrong.

Since we are on this discussion, I saw Paulie has been very communicative with both of my issues, is there a Bootstrap or JavaScript code I could use to create a color palette for color options?

As far as Paulie’s comment:
“Oh, and if you want to demo code, we prefer that, if possible you use sites like or where we can fork it and play with it to get it right.”

I never used those sites before, is there ways to upload my images on there to ensure proper examination?