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    See, that’s the issue, I have no idea about the numerous types of codes I could use. Without me knowing what’s the best practice, the only thing I can do is make it work first, then ask for assistance.

    I know I can reduce A LOT of my code. Many sites do not offer anything for user experience; during my research for many options and advice I found sites that used font size so small, I had to zoom in 300%.

    I just am too oblivious to Bootstrap and the newer CSS/JS, etc. I had to create a website for my web development course, back then, it was HTML3 or 4. I built that around 4 years ago. Since then, I had only learned about PHP.

    Even with the “PHP, they gave us the code and asked us to use CSS to style the pages. Yeah, I probable went overboard with the options. It was actually much smaller, then I found a new “toy” and decided to put it into practice so I know I would have the code in the event I ever need to do something like that again.

    I was planning on an Alt Code, Color picker, and icon page for users to find all possibilities in my site. I have examined many sources that use these and find many are from other sources. I want to learn the coding, not just paste from some site.

    When I built my first site, I used Dreamweaver. When attempting to use it again, 30 seconds staring at the screen, I moved the program to my recycle bin. I do not want to just have code compiled for me, I want to learn the coding.

    My next task is to create a language translator. This was something I would have used Google or other sources; however, it does not show up on my pages.

    This is why I came here; to gather the intel of professionals and note the best practice. I could have easily not even provided this; but as someone who has spent hundreds of hours researching (ergo, looking at white all day) it would be nice for users to have the option to look at something besides white.

    The issue with the font size is, I could have just made a + & – to change the font size; however, going from 14px to a higher size would require several clicks of the mouse. the way I set it up is for users to click twice (once to open the options and once to make their selection).

    I created this because I listen to concerns of people all over. I am homeless and spend most of my time at places that offer free Wi-Fi. As I sit there, I hear people crying about how many sites do not offer basic options. One person was old, had bad vision, and stated their experiences with the web were frustrating because he could not read the pages. I mentioned to zoom; as he did, he hated it because he wanted to view the whole page.

    I showed him my site’s options and responded with, “Why doesn’t everybody do it?” I notice many sites are just there to make money. I visited one site and it felt as if a bomb exploded. Pop-up ads came from all 4 sides, the center, and two more to the bottom right of the center ad. Then it stated I had a virus and my computer needed to be scanned (you are never going to get me on that one).

    Additionally, many sites seem to lag a lot. I notice, each and every one of them used codes for Google ads. When I research, I need to find the answer fast and not have the page stop every time I scroll down 3 inches. This is why I came here.

    I know there are veteran programmers that can point me in the right direction. I apologize for the code dump; I am also new to forums. What I have built thus far is me and me alone. What I know is all I know; I do not need a team to make my site; however, I need the right group to tell me what could be done to better the code.

    My code is not flawed in any way; however, it may be the wrong usage. These are the issues I cannot find the answer for, no matter how many sites I visit. I didn’t even know how smaller screens, such as smartphones, displayed lap/desktop pages.

    That’s how I learned about Bootstrap and had to scrap my original design. Now, I am learning coding all over again. It’s frustrating, to say the least. It just takes compassionate and knowledgeable people to guide those less fortunate and inexperienced to excel in programming.

    Guess I made a mistake in choosing a 4-year college for my education. Not to say I didn’t learn a lot; I just learned the wrong topics.

    Thank you for your time.


    My code is not flawed in any way

    Actually, yes it is…in many ways.

    Frankly, though, I think you have so many issues and a such knowledge/experience gap that this subject is bigger than can be addressed here.

    My advice, for what it’s worth, is to narrow this down to one issue at a time.

    Pick one thing…decide what you want to do…fix that…then move on to the next thing.

    We’re all just people on the interwebz, some of us have some free time we can dole out in limited amounts and, I’ll be frank, what you have here is, perhaps more than we’re willing to take on. Just being up front here.

    Small bites would be preferred.

    Oh, and if you want to demo code, we prefer that, if possible you use sites like or where we can fork it and play with it to get it right.

    It’s a lot easier to do that tham keep referencing a live site.


    What I mean is it’s validated, of course it’s flawed, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I think there is an issue with my host’s server. I just uploaded the files AGAIN and it displayed one of the images. I’m just really stressed out on not finding the proper resources.

    I’m thinking I had the right codes, but the server did not update as quickly as I wanted; therefore, forcing me to think I was wrong.

    Since we are on this discussion, I saw Paulie has been very communicative with both of my issues, is there a Bootstrap or JavaScript code I could use to create a color palette for color options?

    As far as Paulie’s comment:
    “Oh, and if you want to demo code, we prefer that, if possible you use sites like or where we can fork it and play with it to get it right.”

    I never used those sites before, is there ways to upload my images on there to ensure proper examination?


    You don’t have to use your actual images…use a placeholder image from one of several sites.

    I usually use but that’s having issues lately s I’ve switched to or


    Unless you’re obviously spamming or trolling, no topics will get deleted here.

    Is my experience, not any authoritative claim. :-)

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