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but the client doesn’t understand what he is getting into

Explain it to them in terms they understand. Try likening it to something more tangible, such as a custom designed and built kitchen versus a flat pack from IKEA. Bespoke design (and build) costs more because it takes more time, skill, knowledge and effort.

If the client is limited by budget or time, then they should appreciate that they might need to make compromises and expect that you will need to do the same (discussed, reasoned and agreed upon by you both).

If custom round button or tab is not aligned properly it may require a lot of time to fix it and test in all browsers.

Yes, but testing and troubleshooting is part and parcel of being a web developer (front or backend) so you fix it during your usual regular checks. You hopefully factor this into your build process and charge for it as an intrinsic part of your service.

Should I insist on sticking to frameworks inspite of client’s wish?

A framework is just a tool. If the tool doesn’t fit, don’t use it.

TBH I have no desire of messing with CSS for buttons when I can just take them from Github, screw this kind of work.

If you can use online button generators or pre-made project/framework code as a starting point, great, but a certain degree of customisation and adaptation is to be expected. It sounds like you just want to take something and use it as-is, without putting in the effort where required, and that isn’t a very appealing work ethic.

Angular Material for example doesn’t provide cool templates

Why should that matter? Again, if you can use a pre-made project/framework (template in this case) as a starting point for your own work, great, but for your clients’ sake, and even for your own reputation, isn’t it reasonable to expect a web developer to work on adapting and customising, and even building something from scratch, if the job calls for it.

I think this says it all…

screw this kind of work.

And I have a feeling that many folks here are truly saddened by this remark, as much as I am.