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Thank you for your suggestions. The previous id=”send” suggestion was a winner.

Although, I do not understand why… yet!

The …value=”Send Message!” initially superimposed itself over the image. So, I just nulled that out to …value=””. I remembered that eliminating the value attribute altogether would result in a default of “Submit”.

But…The reason I don’t understand this is;
The original HTML did not create a name=”” or id=”” at all. But, it DID trigger the whitelist check – resulting in the error.

The SOLUTION you provided, ironically, DOES create an id=”” which (I thought) should definitely trigger the error… Yet, it does not. Even if I don’t add ‘send’ to the whitelist.

Well, that’s originally why I came here. To learn cool stuff. I guess it just gets better. But, this one is still bothering me… I’m not one of those “Meh!… It works. So, who cares.” kinda guys. I will keep this one in the “Problems to figure out” box.

Thank you again for providing a solution… And, A bit of new CSS learning as well.