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Just had to chime in here since (almost) no one else has. I too am a podcast junky. Exhausted TAL also, And discovered The truth sometime ago and always look forward to a new one of those. But, yeah, I tend to enjoy good stories–wheather fact or fiction. But, I am a little more all over the place genre-wise, between tech podcasts (like Shoptalk w/ Chris & Dave Rupert) even Fantasy Focus on ESPN, since I play Fantasy Football.
In fact there’s a similarity (in my mind) to how Matthew Berry & Nate Ravits play off each other to Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert. I wonder if anyone else enjoys this like I do. I think that would be an interesting “crossover” podcast. Good chemistry–always = success.
I was happy to see podcasts like The theory of everything, The Truth & 99% invisible get together as Radiotopia and get funding to continue to thrive.

Here’s a couple of others: BBC Radio 4 & StartUp.