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    So, many of you know that I seriously enjoy podcasts, particularly of the storytelling genre. Actually, that’s all I listen to. Anyway, I’ve now run out of “This American Life”, “Radiolab”, “Snap Judgment” and “Serial” episodes. I’ve now moved on to other, nerdier, more hard core storytelling podcasts. One of these is called “Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything.” It’s fantastic. Pretty sure it’s not produced by our own @BenWalker though.

    I’m not even really sure I understand what’s going on half the time, as he sort of drifts between fact and fiction. However… it’s pretty clear which is which (or is it?).

    At any rate, he has a regular guest who goes by “Chris.” Chris is one of the things that makes this show so great.

    Apparently this guy is an NSA contractor, just like Edward Snowden. This guy Chris is easily the most interesting person I can think of and he makes insanely bold claims. He claims that the New York Times hack stemmed from an attempt to circumvent anti-porn software at Guantanamo Bay. Yeah, they thought it was Chinese hackers… but apparently it was a jailed terror suspect working from an unlocked Chinese phone.

    He also claims that the NSA was tracking “Jihadi John” in real time and saw all the indicators that he would go from a rapper to a terrorist weeks in advance. Some of the indicators included a change in wardrobe color scheme and increased porn consumption. Here is the highlight reel of Chris:

    Chris @ very beginning

    Chris @ 19:30

    Chris @ 6:30

    Here are other tech-related and awesome episodes:


    “Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything.” It’s fantastic. Pretty sure it’s not produced by our own @BenWalker though.

    Well, loses points there. :p



    Just had to chime in here since (almost) no one else has. I too am a podcast junky. Exhausted TAL also, And discovered The truth sometime ago and always look forward to a new one of those. But, yeah, I tend to enjoy good stories–wheather fact or fiction. But, I am a little more all over the place genre-wise, between tech podcasts (like Shoptalk w/ Chris & Dave Rupert) even Fantasy Focus on ESPN, since I play Fantasy Football.
    In fact there’s a similarity (in my mind) to how Matthew Berry & Nate Ravits play off each other to Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert. I wonder if anyone else enjoys this like I do. I think that would be an interesting “crossover” podcast. Good chemistry–always = success.
    I was happy to see podcasts like The theory of everything, The Truth & 99% invisible get together as Radiotopia and get funding to continue to thrive.

    Here’s a couple of others: BBC Radio 4 & StartUp.

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