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Point 1:

For you to get 250k people to use your script is a feat in and of itself if it’s free.

Point 2:

That theory sounds good but in reality it’s not like I could sue or enforce 250,000 different people who stole my work…

Yeah I know… Microsoft, Adobe, et al know too.

Point 3:

If I sell something for $45 or $50 bucks but it’s all open source code I don’t see many people paying for it if they can easily steal it.

You’re absolutely correct, but nothing would stop people from donating if it’s really awesome – check out the dude that wrote AdBlock.

Do you guys support yourself by selling projects to the public ?

Sure, if you can get people to buy it you did something awesome. You might want to start with working directly for clients though, steady money in it if you treat people right.

Are you wealthy?

Depends on who you ask.

What benefits to help me make money and make a living?

It brings you into a community of like-minded developers that are all trying to make things better for all by sharing their knowledge. I’ve found that networking in that community has intrinsic benefits like bringing jobs your way.