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@traq @BenWalker OK. I am trying to get text to show as HTML elements (<h1>, <script>,

) on the page, so people can show their code. But I do not want the code to actually be interpreted as HTML. I have been using htmlenteties() in my code and it has been doing exactly that; but, with my new inline-code markdown, whenever I put a HTML tag inside the back ticks () the tags get displayed as this (<script>) when I really want that to say <script>. This works all of the time accept for when I put the text inside back ticks () when making the comment. So weird! Ive tried looking into html_enteties() a bit more, but nothing seems to be changing the result. Hoping there is a more solid function out there that I could use to accomplish this, or maybe theres just a bug in my code. Check it out: