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You need a more consistent colour pallette.

I would achieve that by changing the light green of the box heading backgrounds to be the same shade of green as in your logo, and change the orange “Shop Now”, the orange cart, “0 items”, etc. section to be the same blue as your logo.

Perhaps the designer can take the gradient used on the logo and apply it in those places, alternatively a solid colour would suffice.

I also don’t like that not all of the box corners are rounded. It looks like the large white box with your secondary nav and Popular Contacts doesn’t have a rounded corner in the bottom left. The images don’t either. I’d reduce the rounded-ness of the corners too, if you like them and want to keep them. It feels outdated.

Lastly, the space above the “Important Info” and “6 Reasons Why” boxes should match the space between them. More padding is better, but you need to use consistent amounts in order to achieve a stronger sense of visual harmony.