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    Roly Poly

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping I could get some feedback on the design I’m having made for my ecommerce store.

    Any advice is appreciated!

    Jando Jando

    I kind of like it. Maybe you could try to have a more coherent color palette, the colors in the logo are very different from the other colors which are being used. Will there be a footer too?

    Roly Poly

    I think i know what you mean, I believe I tried to express this to the designer but I’m not a designer so I didn’t know how to word it..

    Could you possibly point me to some resource about the coherent colors that she might be able to learn from?

    The logo was made a while ago and the site is being Re-Designed… maybe i’ll look at changing the logo colors.. but i dont know its printed on tons of boxes.. but will be considered still thank you!

    There will be a footer yes, this is so far what we have and is the main focus of home page content.

    Thank you for your feedback Jando

    Jando Jando

    This is a nice site for color inspiration:

    Personally I like if the logo is matching a bit with the colors of the rest of the site, but of course it’s not mandatory.

    Also the logo looks pixelated, but I geuss that would be fixed?

    Roly Poly

    Thanks Jando!

    I’m wondering though, of a resource that will explain how to use the right colors.. cause I sent her Kuler before and I don’t think she understand what I was trying to say.. as for finding colors is one thing, but how why and where to use them is another which I can’t seem to articulate.

    The logo in the pic is pixelated yes there’s some things that need to be cleaned up this was a sort of rough draft..


    Hey @upendra-gupta

    Your spam is now being deleted.

    Go peddle your cr*p somewhere else.


    You need a more consistent colour pallette.

    I would achieve that by changing the light green of the box heading backgrounds to be the same shade of green as in your logo, and change the orange “Shop Now”, the orange cart, “0 items”, etc. section to be the same blue as your logo.

    Perhaps the designer can take the gradient used on the logo and apply it in those places, alternatively a solid colour would suffice.

    I also don’t like that not all of the box corners are rounded. It looks like the large white box with your secondary nav and Popular Contacts doesn’t have a rounded corner in the bottom left. The images don’t either. I’d reduce the rounded-ness of the corners too, if you like them and want to keep them. It feels outdated.

    Lastly, the space above the “Important Info” and “6 Reasons Why” boxes should match the space between them. More padding is better, but you need to use consistent amounts in order to achieve a stronger sense of visual harmony.

    Roly Poly

    Ed, thank you!

    I appreciate everything you said and I can’t help but agree and understand every point you made.

    Thank you!


    @Paulie_D I messaged that person on Facebook, lol. I was getting annoyed the day they posted an enormous amount of spam and I couldn’t find a specific thread.


    I would worry that a Web Designer has trouble with a cohesive color palette.

    I was thinking that the green-background section headers would look better white with color text.

    I think Ed nailed it pretty well. Big rounded corners are out of style now (unless it REALLY fits the look and feel of the site). You might suggest just a 2 or 3px border-radius just to take the corner off but not be a huge curve.

    It’s a dark page, so the white boxes look a little awkward to me. You might ask to see them with no background, or a shade darker than the page background (around #222222) and white text. Keep the upper SHOP NOW section different, but with a slightly darker-than-white background. Maybe even a much-lighter version of the colors that the color-picker uses, set dynamically.

    Roly Poly

    Hi mmcgu1966

    Thanks for your feedback, I completely agree with the rounded corners and off-colors.

    But a white background for the 2 boxes headers, dont you think as these are two important boxes that will help build trust, the titles would stick out better having the distinguished colored Bar defining them as Titles?, other wise its just a simple box?


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