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hi intodesign ,

how simple you want it? did your paginated pages generated via server side dynamically or it is a static webpage? if it is simple static webpage and the number of your paginated pages don’t changes then you can use simple “:target” selector in css and activate an transaction over paginated content .. in the anchors put something like “#page1”, “#page2” and so on, its will jump to an element with the same id like “page1”, “page2” and so on ..
if you put them in side some container with “overflow: hidden;” property you can make the same effect after all ..
you can check it in my temporary website (look in my profile), it is absolutely without JavaScript, and its emulate the same effect and even more ..

if you use dynamic webpage, then you need to implement it via JavaScript, I checked bootstrap documentation and I didn’t find examples for pagination plugin in JavaScript, so probably you will need to made it by your self ..

I didn’t worked with bootstrap directly yet, but if you need some help in implementation of Pagination functionality I can help ..
by the way **nkrisc ** give you nice example if you don’t want to handle it from scratch.