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Not quiet correct, Bootstrap also have JS

Bootstrap might have a js component, but you’re not using it.
The file you’re using is a stylesheet.

I looked at Bootstrap.js; it doesn’t seem to handle pagination.

I just need a simple table list with pagination in a simple page I need something really simple, I couldn’t find examples online

simple, simple, simple… you’re looking for something “simple,” but maybe it’s not as simple as you think. You need to build all of the “pages,” set up event handlers to respond to button clicks, tie it all together so the proper page and links are shown at the proper times… plus more, if you want to have your pagination generated automatically based on how many pages you actually have. There is a reasonable degree of complexity.

A few minutes of searching leads me to believe that Bootstrap does not include any such functionality —as @nkrisc says, it seems to be CSS only. I did find a jQuery plugin that provides some of the functionality you’re looking for; you might want to check it out.