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TOR hides the middle of your traffic.

Right… but all your ISP would know is that you connected to a Tor node right? They can’t track you session end to end.

Get a VPN.

This was my first suggestion. This helps for many things. People are getting around Netflix throttling with VPNs.

while TOR is good for day-to-day anonymity, it is wholly ineffective as a cover for illegal activities.

True story. There’s EXTENSIVE documentation on the fact that the NSA controls a TON of end-nodes. A lot of people don’t want to run them because they are fraught with legal implications. But… the NSA doesn’t give a damn about that. So, I would venture to say (only a guess) that they control more end-nodes than people think. There’s no way to know for certain though.

Recently, sellers have been imposing one-per-order rules as well. Come on, BB! step up production!

It really is a sad state of affairs.