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Hey just in case anyone is wondering (which you’re not)… 501 shrink to fits worked out QUITE nicely. They’re a really nice pair of jeans for $39. Nicer than most jeans that cost double that… or more. They can’t touch the quality of high-end selvedge but hey… I’m a simple guy.

Cool thing about them is, you can control how tight you want them. Want em loose? Size up. Want them really slim fitting? Size down 2 like me. Then, shrink them and stretch them back out to get that custom fit.

Aside: They should actually be called “stretch to fit” in my case. Because I shrunk them tight as hell and now I’m “stretching” them to fit my body. I have high hopes.

This thread should be closed forever. Unless it’s not. Penalty for necro-bumping this thread? You have to talk about jeans on a coding site.