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Please try git. We care enough about you to save you from this dropbox madness :)

It seems like an extra step for me and I like having my website in dropbox because it serves two purposes (FTP-like-system and also an automatic backup system). Right now I’m in school (it just ended) so I don’t have that much time to program as I used to. It’s more of a hobby, I guess. I understand that git has version control and all that but for what I’m doing, I probably wouldn’t find it that useful. Prove me wrong?

I know you guys both use Kirby. My question would be: Why? I know most people use Kirby with no database and that’s great. It seems like it’s just a collection of files. But, if that’s the solution you want, why not just have a collection of files locally and git push them wherever you want? I don’t know anything about Kirby but from what I do know, why would you want to pay per site when you could just do the same thing the free way?

I initially started using Kirby because I was really annoyed with WordPress. I’ve mentioned it before, WordPress is overkill for many small websites. The process of developing with it is so much more difficult and time consuming. The amount of time I spent removing menu classes and setting up custom post types/custom fields was ridiculous. As Gray (@TheDoc) mentioned, Kirby has many helper classes and setting up custom fields is so simple, it’s laughable compared to WP. Kirby also comes with a Panel that you could compare to WordPress’s admin section. Overall, Kirby is easier to tailor to your needs. The only dislike I have about it is that there isn’t a comment plugin. We have to resort to Disqus (ting). That’s why I’m building my own and it’s taught me a lot about databases and PHP.

As far as the monetary question, I prefer supporting people that make a great product in which I use. The amount of time spent customizing WP adds up overtime. Time that could have made you more money using Kirby :).