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Greetings Krish,

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t know much about inspect element. I’ve made a screen grab and hope you can walk me through it.

I’ve swapped out all css, js, from the site page I’m working on with the working template I made, and which works in IE8, and the bottom arrow still doesn’t show nor does the pointer activate on hovering the area. There is no function in the area of the down button.

I also added the normalizing code from the page I am working on, and the added css, and no change. I started removing bits of the code that creates specific areas of the page and I have found that removing display:table; and border-collapse:collapse; from #main and removing display:table-cell; from #content, then the bottom arrow displays. Of course the page comes apart. I don’t know why this would cause the problem, or how to remedy it.

As for the transferred files. I moved all that relate to the functioning of the scrollbar and page to my server. The hierarchy was css_test >custom-scrollbar-plugin>index.html The index page is here.

Best Regards.