Forums, Downloads & Header – Oh My!

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I rolled out a slightly different new header for the site last night, and with it came some new navigational tabs. Here is a little overview of what’s going on:


There are forums now! They are brand-spankin’ new, so they are a bit of a ghost town right now. But that’s to be expected. What I hope is that folks will post their troubleshooting questions in there, and do my best to help out and answer those questions in there. That way everyone can benefit from the solution and we can even get many people looking at the same problem and come up with better answers. You’ll have to register to post stuff there. So yes, it’s yet-another-login on yet-another-site that you’ll have. Sorry about that, I’m looking into a better solution for that. But hopefully if it gets you some help on a project the registration is worth it!


I have a pretty big pile of demos that I’ve put together just for this site. So rather than just let them fade into obscurity in the archives, I’m going to sort through and find the best of them and put them in the downloads section. Each one will have a downloadable ZIP file and a live demo (if applicable). There are only a couple in there right now, but there will be many more added as I sort through everything.


Let me know what you all think.